01/09/2019 โ€” 01/10/2019
Gallery Wind

Quentin Carnaille - SOLO EXPO: IDENTITY

Identity is a project by the artist Quentin Carnaille from Lille, where glass statues have been placed in the center of Lille on various statues with images of historical figures.

The glass cubes reflect the environment in which they are placed and also have the purpose of asking you what the real identity of the people depicted on the reflecting statues is. The intention is that it is the people more make aware of what the environment looks like; how it is displayed through the cubes.

โœ”: Quentin Carnaille - SOLO EXPO: IDENTITY
(I.e.: opening Sunday 1 September
๐Ÿ•‘: 16: 00
(I.e.: Gallery Wind
(I.e.: exhibition of 1 sept. 2019 to 1 Oct. 2019