05/08/2021 — 12/09/2021
Publication Studio Rotterdam


Publicity is a public art project by Publication Studio Rotterdam with local artists Ilke Gers and Falke Pisano and poet Çağlar Köseoğlu.


In their different ways, each of the newly commissioned works takes into account the politics and possibilities of publishing in the public space, building on Publication Studio Rotterdam's goal of finding alternative ways to consider the social life of the book. Moving through the loopholes of civic policy that define our movement and delineate the invisible histories that lie outside the public record, are just a few of the approaches that are being named, proposed and considered in what publishing can be in a city like Rotterdam. By penetrating such questions into the city, elements inherent in publishing, such as distributing text material or developing a readership, are applied to public space as a way of communicating and disseminating facets of Rotterdam that do not always intersect. cross.

The works are accompanied by a city-wide poster campaign, a website and a series of guided tours by artist Toon Fibbe. If you prefer to navigate the works yourself, you can follow the QR codes on the posters and listen to the audio guides on the project's website to take a 24/7 self-guided tour. In addition, an exhibition catalog – edited, designed and printed by Publiciteitsstudio Rotterdam – will be available on 12 September at the Publicity finnissage.


Read and see more at: www.publicityrotterdam.com