27/08/2019 — 31/08/2019

Public rehearsals ACT ONE Alexis Blake | Music

Alexis Blake blends visual art, dance and performance in her work. She focuses on the female body, to critically reflect on how women are represented. In work that she realizes together with others, Blake investigates how you can use movement language to undermine and change the existing structures of representation and power. In her new work crack nerve boogie swerve Blake focuses on 'breaking ' - breaking standards, breaking free of limitations, freeing yourself from what is suppressing you. She will be the act and meaning of it breaking investigating by working with sound, the human voice and bodies in a setting she made with glass and concrete. Her team of female performers consists of dancers, musicians and singers from Rotterdam, who form a link with the city.
crack nerve boogie swerve consists of three parts, which Blake will develop during the exhibition in collaboration with the performers, with the exhibition as a work and rehearsal space. Visitors can experience a moment in this process, or choose to follow it from day to day. At the end of each multi-day improvisation session (Sessions) follows a performance (Sketch).