Premiere Identity x Stacii Samidin

Production house ROSE Stories  presents icw TransCity  the three-part docuserie IDENTITY, made by the talented Rotterdam documentary photographer and filmmaker Stacii Samidin. In the docuserie IDENTITY three young Rotterdammers go - Selim Barraho, Darleen Lopes en André Marques - in search of their own identity. To what extent does your origin determine who you are? During this premiere evening, not only will the three documentaries be screened, but the makers, led by moderator Stephanie Afrifa, will also go with the audience, the subjects, a DNA expert and actor / poet Romano Haynes in search of what defines who you are and what we have in common in the Netherlands.

This evening is organized in collaboration with foundation (A) WAKE.

You can here reserve a free ticket.
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This project came about thanks to an Incidental Contribution Abroad. With this contribution CBK Rotterdam strengthen the international professional practice of Rotterdam visual artists.