22/09/2021 — 31/08/2022
City camping Rotterdam

Powerlab Circular

To achieve the city's climate goals, we all need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. But what can you do? As a resident? As an entrepreneur? As a student? What are steps you can take that will make an impact? You will investigate this together with Powerboat in Powerlab Circular. They connect residents, entrepreneurs and creatives in order to achieve the best result. So they invite you to participate: to join the conversation, think, test or propose a circular idea that we will investigate during six Powerlab Circular weeks.

The first edition of Powerlab Circular starts on September 22 at Stadscamping Rotterdam and has an ecology theme. More information? Click here.. Participate? Sign up here. fast on! There is room for a maximum of 15 participants.

Thinking, testing and showing

This Powerlab focuses on how to live circularly in Rotterdam North. With these Powerlabs we want to look together at how we can jointly devise and connect ideas and practical initiatives to make Rotterdam North more circular and throw less away. How do we connect the circles or find the missing links?

In four labs of 6 weeks we will discuss the following circular themes:

  1. Ecology
    22 september
    12:00 – 14:00 incl. lunch
    City camping Rotterdam
  2. Social
    November 18 - December 19, 2021
  3. Economy
    Spring 2022
  4. Cultural
    Summer 2022


Powerboat was founded by theater maker and actress Fokka Deelen and designer Bas Kortmann. Fokka graduated in 1997 from the Academy of Drama in Eindhoven. As a theater maker she wanted to make people think and move. But how can that ever work if you put your audience in a dark room and you yourself proclaim your story from a high stage, into the dark. How can you change people's minds? Fokka did not believe in this and looked for dialogue, interaction, participation. She met Bas in 1998, at which time he graduated from the Design Academy. He too was engaged in interaction, not in theater but through design. How can spaces and objects be used to get to know each other better? They decided to work together and founded theater group Powerboat in 2001. Powerboat has since grown from a theater group, initiator and artistic producer to an expert and advisor in the field of interactive processes and community building. All activities and expertise come from the same source: stimulating and inspiring interaction.