Babette Kleijn Optic Mountaineering


21/07/2016 — 25/09/2016

Optic Mountaineering

Since 2002, Basel and Rotterdam have had an intensive artist exchange program. In a collaboration between CBK Rotterdam, Stichting Kaus Australis Rotterdam and the Christoph Merian Stiftung / Atelier Mondial Basel (formerly IAAB), two artists each year have the opportunity to work in the other city. This long-term cooperative has since led to many valuable networks and alliances between artists and organizations in both cities. Although the current collaboration will be terminated per 2017, exchanges are expected to continue in a different form. The exhibition is based on 15 years of collaboration Optic Mountaineering place in TENT.

This group exhibition brings together work by thirteen artists that has emerged from a long-term cultural exchange between Basel and Rotterdam. In the past fifteen years, Atelier Mondial in Basel and the Rotterdam artists' initiative Kaus Australis have jointly organized residencies for talented artists. The exhibition has been compiled by Annina Zimmermann, independent curator and also the first resident of the exchange.

Participating artists:
Bretz / Holliger, Matthias Huber, Dineke van Huizen, J&B, Babette Kleijn, Quenton Miller, Edit Oderbolz, Andreas von Ow, Marco Schuler, QS Serafijn, Jens Stickel, Karin Suter, Florian Graf, Mimi von Moos.
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