Opening of the Wartaal-Atelier for word and deed

Letter cookies, magical speech water and festive visual performances! Get ready for the opening of Wartaal-Atelier for word and deed, op Sunday 21 July at TENT of 16: 00-18: 00 hour. Three performers take you by the hand and on a journey, into the wonderful world of letters and language.

Written language, invented language, spoken language, visual language, secret language, foreign language, baby language and language with different writing. Letters play this summer at TENT the visual leading role at Wartaal. A play, make and discover terrain inspired by Dadaism, in which you are challenged to shape your view of the world. In addition to performance as an art form, Wartaal's themes are also language in all its forms.

Wartaal- Atelier for word and deed is a collaboration between TENT & Theater Rotterdam. In addition to the studio that is always freely accessible, three workshops are offered.
Read more about Het Wartaal & the workshops here:

Free entry.