Photo: © Hans Wilschut, 2018. The blue and green square of 75B with the Space Time II square by Joost Baljeu from 1989


Alexander Square

Opening of the colorful Alexanderplein

On Thursday 6 September the recently realized work of art of 75B - the blue and green Prins Alexanderplein - officially opened. The festive afternoon is also the kick-off for a long-term cultural program for young and old on the Prins Alexanderplein in Rotterdam.

Since July 2018 work is underway on a metamorphosis of the Prins Alexanderplein, the center of Prince Alexander. The Heart for Prince Alexander Foundation was looking for a way to mark the square as the heart of this district, and together with CBK Rotterdam organized a competition for a layout plan for the square. The main question was to think about the role of the water and the polder. Design studio 75B won this assignment with a radical and colorful proposal, which visually marks this part of the city as a polder, as the lowest point of the city, and as the heart of the neighborhood. “Color is needed to give this square color again. (…) Our design allows the visitor to be part of the artwork through an abstract translation of the polder and the water (blue and green) on the floor and on the wall ”, says Pieter Vos from 75B.

Opening program 6 September
16: 30 hour: visitors to the square and a special welcome
17: 00 hour: welcome speech by Carol Hol, board member of the Heart for Prince Alexander Foundation
17: 10 hour: a short lecture on the square by Siebe Thissen, head of BKOR (Visual Arts and Public Space), CBK Rotterdam
17: 20 hour: explanation by Hans Oosters, dyke of the Schieland Water Board and Krimpenerwaard
17: 30 hour: the artwork and the future of the Heart of Prince Alexander are toasted
17: 40 - 18: 30: a drink and a chat with music from Convoi Exceptional

It is possible to be here, that is possible by sending an e-mail to Please let us know how many people you will be attending.

The process around the artwork is, from competition to execution, developed and supported by BKOR, the Visual Arts and Public Space program of CBK Rotterdam. The cultural activities that the Heart for Prince Alexander Foundation is organizing on the square have already started, an overview can be found on the website of Prince Alexander Square.