Gallery Lecq

Opening #27 LEX4.1

You are cordially invited to the festive relaunch of LEX4.1 on Friday 6 September at 19.00.

LEX4.1 is an artificial intelligence system that operated from 2030 to 2042 in the current space of Galerie Lecq. Working as an informative and social android, LEX4.1 was designed to connect the different regions around the Rotterdam Park Locks: Delfshaven, Nieuwe Werk, Middelland, Dijkzicht and Rotterdam Center. For example, LEX4.1 provided passers-by with information about the neighborhood and plans for future urban design, and managed technical tasks around the Park Lock. The most important task of the system was to keep citizens informed, happy and safe.

After 12 years of service, the system was stopped and replaced by newer technology that took over the tasks, and LEX4.1 fell into oblivion.

After the unexpected rediscovery of LEX4.1 two months ago Oana Clian en Nicole Sciarone, the system is being brought to life in the gallery, to once again fulfill the informative role.

For a limited time this local figure will charm passers-by with a sparkling personality and boundless factual knowledge about the area.

Opening 6 September at 19.00 at Galerie Lecq!

Meet and Greet with photos on September 7 and 8 from 12.00:14.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX.

You can find LEX4.1 at Galerie Lecq up to and including 12 October!

Oana Clian ( is a designer and artist, interested in topics such as language and contemporary communication, and how these are influenced by new technology and media.

Nicole Sciarone ( is an artist, writer, art critic and moderator based on research.

This exhibition has been created with the support of the CBK Rotterdam.