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Online Masterclass: Man is also an animal

The 25nd edition of the Science Gallery masterclass and workshop will take place on Thursday 2 February. Via a livestream on YouTube you can follow an online masterclass by virologist Marion Koopmans between 20.00 p.m. and 20.45 p.m. This will be followed by an online workshop with artist Iwan Smit at 21.00 p.m.

'Man is also an animal'is the second in a series of online masterclasses from Science Gallery in which a scientist and an artist join forces during a live conversation. The themes are invariably linked to COVID-19 and the lockdown and take place every last Thursday of the month. Only young adults and young people (free) can participate in the workshops. Registration is necessary and can be done for both the masterclass and the workshop via this link. A maximum of twenty places are available for Iwan Smit's workshop.

During the first masterclass, Diederik Gommers and artist Elten Kiene talked to each other. In this edition, virologist Marion Koopmans and visual artist Iwan Smit will discuss the One Health approach. It assumes that people's health does not stand alone, especially when it comes to infectious diseases. After all, aren't people animals too? Where exactly does the coronavirus come from? Our food chain, population growth, intensive livestock farming, travel and climate change; these are all factors that play a role in the outbreak of a (new) infectious disease in humans and animals. At the end of the master class, questions are answered from the chat.