Still from Frankenstein by Daniel Tuomey


07/06/2023 — 07/06/2023

Off Screen X Studio Art Office

On Wednesday 7 June, Off Screen and Studio Art Office (CBK Rotterdam) present a selection of short films and art videos in WORM. The films are produced using the Research & Development scheme. This scheme is intended to support visual artists from Rotterdam in doing research and deepening, so that they can develop further and their work becomes more visible. The filmmakers are interviewed in English by Luca Tichelman (Off Screen) and Petra Laaper (Studio Art Office). All films are subtitled.

This is the program:

from Daniela de Paulis,
2023, 17 mins
Mare Incognito investigates the gradual disappearance of consciousness and the process of falling asleep. In the film, the makers' brain activity is sent into space during sleep using (SKA) radio antennas from the Mullard Radio Observatory in Cambridge (UK).

from Sara Rajaei,
2022, 16 mins
January 8, 2020, two Iranian missiles downed a plane, killing all on board. Inspired by Susan Sontag's essays on photography and the relationship between observing and experiencing pain in photography, Rajaei sheds light on this event from the point of view of witnesses and victims. The film connects the tragic event with the physical pain and heartbreak through time. Rajaei specialized in video art at the Rijksakademie. She investigates space (and its absence), the psychology of memory and how to translate it into a specific narrative technique.

by Mirjam Somers
2023, 1 mins
In Somers' work she investigates the complicated, layered relationship between humans and animals in an anthropocentric world. From her series Daily Drawings, she investigates how the drawings can lead to the development of a film. During the film evening, a first digital film scene will be shown that forms a blueprint for the final film.

from Tess Martin
2020, 7 mins
Rotating drawings guide the energy flow of our planet. The movements reflect our planet's loop around the sun, the source of all life, and make us think about our place in the natural cycle. Made with the phonotropic technique.. where the animation is created using a constantly rotating disc. Martin's work questions our place in nature, our relationship to the past and how memory and perception determine our identity. It results in short films, installations, paintings and prints.

by Daniel Tuomey
2023, 18 mins
A frame-by-frame animation, made during Tuomey's lockdown period, the film is based on Mary Shelley's novel, in which Frankenstein creates a human who takes revenge on his maker. Like Frankenstein, Tuomey decides to make a human, namely himself, after which he comes into conflict with his scarred alter ego.

Date, time & location
June 7, 2023
start: 20:15 pm
WORM Rotterdam
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