15/10/2015 — 31/01/2016

Nicky Assman, Radiant

TENT presents the solo exhibition of Nicky Assmann (1980, lives and works in Rotterdam). Central is a majestic moving light installation that occupies the entire front hall. Assmann combines knowledge from science, technology and art in spatial installations in which the sensory experience is central. She uses light, mechanics and abstract geometry to create optical phenomena with which she examines the mental and physical perception process. Against the background of our visual culture in which the experience of reality is increasingly taking place in the virtual domain, it returns to the physical foundations of seeing. In her artistic research she connects current technological developments with elementary physical processes.

The exhibition and works are made possible in part by Mondriaan Fund, Fonds 21, Stimuleringsfonds and Stichting Stokroos.

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