New Willem de Kooning room in hotel H2O

In the context of Offblaak | Vrijhaven artist Vera de Koning transformed room 15 of H2Otel, the floating hotel in the Wijnhaven, into the second Willem de Kooning Suite. The first, 'King of Canvas' by Studio Bureau (Frans van Ditzhuijzen and Thijs van Dalen), was opened last year. This unique hotel room will be opened on 17 May by Sandra Entrop, area manager Center of the municipality of Rotterdam.

The Willem de Kooning Suite has been implemented in the context of Off Blaak | Free port, a cultural program for the area around the Wijnhaven, in collaboration with H2Otel. In addition, an artist is asked to furnish a hotel room for a period of one year based on the titles of paintings by the master himself: Clam Diggers, Rosy-Fingered Dawn at Louse Point, Wah Kee Spare Ribs, Whose Name Was Writ in Water. , etc. Vera de Koning (graduated from WdKA in 2017) was the second artist to take on this special challenge. Her 'Watersights' is an abstract-figurative interpretation of Willem de Kooning's painting: The North Atlantic Light, 1977.

Location: H2Otel, Wijnhaven 20a in Rotterdam
Date and time: Thursday 17 May at 16.30 hour.

This special room can be booked from 17 May at H2Otel: