14/08/2020 — 15/08/2020

New mural by Evelyn Taocheng Wang

The new mural will be on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 August Tulip of Harmony Honey Katendrecht by Evelyn Taocheng Wang celebrated at Katendrecht with the program Happiness & Harmony 幸福 美满.

The very first Chinese mural in Europe by the Chinese artist Li de Cai is being replaced after it turned out to be irreplaceable. BKOR thought the Rotterdam visual artist Evelyn Taocheng Wang was willing to make a new work for an elegant 19th-century frame. This job Tulip of Harmony Honey belongs in her original series Vanitas and can be seen from 7 August at the Veerlaan, corner of Sumatraweg in Rotterdam-Katendrecht.

Wang's work Tulip of Harmony Honey is part of a large series of murals in old ornamental frames spread over Katendrecht. In total, there are ten works with autonomous art that each draw a relationship to Katendrecht. Evelyn Taocheng Wang is an internationally celebrated artist, she works in Rotterdam and has won several prizes, including the Dolf Henkes Prize in 2019. With her work in the original Chinese painting technique, she continues the tradition for this specific facade frame at Katendrecht.

On Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15, we celebrate her artwork reproduced by Reclame Atelier Leo Mineur with a special indoor / outdoor program Happiness and Harmony Happy and happy at Story House Belvedère: workshops, performances, food, talks & karaoke with Fenmei Hu, Yiyu Zhao, Yin Kohar, Wei Tong, Tak Pin Lam, Alexandra van Dongen, Studio Maky & Native Non Native.



12 noon Chinese lunch

13.30 pm | Chinese calligraphy live performance by Yiyu Zhao leading us to the artwork Tulip of Harmony Honey from Evelyn Taocheng Wang and back to Belvedères Story House.

14 pm | Chinese ink workshop: blowing blossom branch for 5 - 12 years

14 pm | Chinese ink workshop: brush painting: from 12 years old

15 pm | Malaysian Asian Summer cooking workshop by Wei Tong


The Dragon by Studio Maky

Wish Park by Fenmei Hu

Digital exhibition Chinese-Rotterdam artists



12 noon Chinese lunch

13 h | Workshop / lecture 'Blauw Wit' (5-99 years) by Alexandra van Dongen & Fenmei Hu

16 pm | Talk, food & karaoke by Non Native Native

19 pm | 'What do we talk about when we don't talk about food?' incl. dinner & free Asian Karaoke