New images under the A13

Walk-in: 15: 00 hour
Location: Museumzaal KleinPolderPark

A museum room has been set up under the flyover on Kleinpolderplein. The statues that are there have lost their place in the city. They were made and placed since the reconstruction period, but with the change of the city they also lost their place, and sometimes their meaning. 

The Kleinpolder Work Community Foundation placed these orphaned images, together with BKOR, in the Museumzaal under the A13. As a promise for the future of this place: the Kleinpolderpark. The new images will be revealed on September 29.

15: 30 hours: welcome by Kleinpolder Work Community Foundation
15: 45 hour: a story for the collection under the highway Jan Konings
16: 15 hour: festive opening, with KleinpolderparkPunch of the Blossom bar

Partners: Ted Schuttenfonds, municipality of Rotterdam