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No You won't be Naming no Buildings after Me

Event, performance, exhibition: 12 / 07 / 2019 - 22 / 09 / 2019

Opening: Thursday 11 July, 17.00 hour at TENT. Witte de Withstraat 50 in Rotterdam.

An exhibition with Kader Attia, Kristina Benjocki, Marcel van den Berg, Alexis Blake, Aslan Gaisomov, Yoeri Guepin, Gert Jan Kocken, Dana Lixenberg, Uriel Orlow, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Bert Scholten and Aimee Zito Lema. Composed by Vincent van Velsen.

No you won't be naming no buildings after me

To go down dilapidated

No you won't be naming no buildings after me

My name will be misstated, surely

- Erykah Badu

In No you won't be taking no buildings after me, guest curator Vincent van Velsen investigates, together with an international group of artists, how memories are embodied. People and events that should not be forgotten are often commemorated in material and official forms, such as monuments, street names and national holidays. The public space thus functions as a physical public archive. But memory and appreciation also manifest themselves in other ways, certainly when it comes to people or histories that are not (yet) a natural part of the public domain and collective memory. This exhibition highlights (renders visible) other, often intangible forms in which memories are passed on, people or events live on or are hidden from oblivion or denial. The body is central; when it comes to medium and carrier of memory, and as a militant beacon of living stories.

Parallel to the exhibition in TENT, Vincent van Velsen is realizing a series of lectures, performances and screenings that deal with the built environment as a public physical archive and the memories that prevail in this public domain - or are actually absent.

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