Take a walk with: Boogaerdt / VanderSchoot

On Sunday 28 April, the performance duo Boogaerdt / VanderSchoot from Theater Rotterdam will give an exclusive tour of the exhibition Post-Opera in TENT.

Both in the exhibition and in the performance installation Botanical Wasteland who Boogaerdt / VanderSchoot during Rotterdam Opera Days the changing relationship between body, voice, identity and technology is central

Botanical Wasteland by theater makers Boogaerdt / VanderSchoot and Touki Delphine is a musical live performance and video installation in one, a performance on the intersection of (music) theater and visual arts. In Botanical Wasteland they want to eradicate man as much as possible as a central figure. They therefore propose a new society in which the boundaries between nature, technology, body and identity have been removed. A society in which especially the 'non-humans' get a voice.

Suzan Boogaerdt and Bianca van der Schoot share their ideas and primary reactions with the audience on the spot.

Language: Dutch
Free access.