28/02/2015 — 31/12/2100
Paul's Church, Rotterdam

Mysticism and Resistance, Marieke van der Lippe - continuously

Pauluskerk - Mysticism and Resistance

Film maker and artist Marieke van der Lippe commissioned the Pauluskerk to make the video triptych Mysticism and Resistance. The Pauluskerk received a commission for this from the Mondriaan Fund. In the triptych she portrays the mission and the lives of the visitors to the Pauluskerk. With moving video images on three monitors in the form of a triptych they amaze social involvement.

The video artwork is inspired by the book Mystiek en Verzet by Dorothee Sölle (1927-2003), which deals with the relationship between religious experience and social resistance. Standing up for people living in difficult circumstances and resisting injustice is what the Paul Church deals with on a daily basis. For Rev. Dick Couvée, the book is therefore an important source of inspiration for the Pauluskerk as a living church in Rotterdam.

The artwork will be given a permanent place on Kerkplein in the Pauluskerk on the Mauritsweg 28 in Rotterdam from 20 February and can be seen daily. Also visit the website of Marieke van der Lippe.

Partly realized by Mondriaan Fund, CBK Rotterdam and the Municipality of Rotterdam - Art and Culture Department.