21/08/2021 — 30/09/2021
Brightness Square

Murals Inc. – Master Writer x BRIGHTNESS

In the run-up to the HELDERHEID Festival on Sunday 29 August, André Smits/Artistintheworld is commissioned by Murals Inc. at Edition Brightness. This edition is a tribute to the rapper Breyten Muskiet, who died in 2004, but certainly also to all the local graffiti artists who have been filling the walls on the square for years with their writers' names in the form of tags and more elaborate pieces. In addition to written texts by rapper Helderheid/Breyten Muskiet, the writers are asked to place a tiny tag/piece within André's frame. In this way a total picture of writing styles is created that will distinguish itself from everything known in this field.

Contributed to date

Mike La Rock
Martin Rullens
Harness Grandma
Rust bape Casm
Come on
en anderen

'Brightness Edition' is part of the 'Master Writer' exhibition at Murals Inc. at 31 Peak Street.

Master Writer

Master Writer is an exhibition about (street) language on walls. The language applied by artists and performers is based on style characteristics within wall painting. The exhibition connects different (sub)cultural backgrounds belonging to a writing style. Think of tags, pieces, graffiti (old skool), post-graffiti, writing, lettering, style writing, post-writing, balloon writing, calligraffiti, asemic-writing, graffuturism, text-based art, etc. The selected artists and performers are exponents of these different writing styles. In addition to the exhibition at Murals Inc. (office), André Smits and Surch set to work on the Helderheidplein, which is only 150 meters apart as the crow flies.

The participating artists and performers are

Job Wouters
Aileen Middel / Mick La Rock
Matteo Ceretto
Lars Breuer