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MidWinterSchipsHoornConcert 2018 | OffBlaak Vrijhaven

Event: 14 / 12 / 2018
Location: Koningsdam 1

On December 14 you will find the third time the MidwinterScheepsHoornConcert. This unique concert seems to be a beautiful tradition in the Maritime District of Rotterdam, and takes place as part of the art program Off Blaak | Free port.

• Time: from 17.00 to 19: 00 hours (approach from 16: 30 hours)
• Location: Koningspoort shipyard (Koningsdam 1, Rotterdam)
• Cost: free

The first two concerts could count on many enthusiastic visitors and the cooperation of boaters from the boats in the ports of the Maritime District (and furthermore even the SS Rotterdam). The concert in 2016 was given from the roof of the White House, while we were guests in 2017 under the lighthouse on the quay of the Maritime Museum. This year the MidWinterScheepsHoornConcert takes place at the historic Koningspoort shipyard (Koningsdam 1, Rotterdam).

The mid-winter ship's horn concert combines the sounds of mid-winter horn players from the Achterhoek with the ship's horns of the various boats moored around the location of the concert. Together they are led by a master composition student from CODARTS, who also composes the piece. Together they form a hopeful sound during the winter season, the shortest day of the year.

De Midwinter bloazers was from The Slat from Beltrum their wooden midwinter horns blow and Ege Sahin, fourth-year Codarts student of composition, writes, rehearses and conducts a composition for this special occasion. We already know that a number of percussionists are present and will show tones of the historical mechanical harbor equipment that is present at the yard. Seven skippers also agreed to participate in the evening. Guus van Otterloo was from Terroir wine takes care of the quality mulled wine as well as the previous times Frank King, from café Het Witte Huis is also present again.

Off Blaak | Free port
This concert takes place as part of the Off Blaak | art program Vrijhaven, an initiative of artists Milou van Ham and Niek Verschoor. The program aims to draw attention to the Maritime District as an arts zone and to explore the possibilities of this old port area. The Midwinter Ships Horn Concert is made possible in part by CBK Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy (WdkA) and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

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