César Segarra




During the free Art evening on Friday 29 September, the performance will take place at 19.30 in TENT MermanPlace. Alberto García del Castillo and Steev Lemercier read and sing from the book Merman, written by Alberto. The book is a queer travelogue of a boat trip through the interior of Belgium, with merman and singer Steev in the company of the cat Chanel and the dog Dolce.

Alberto García del Castillo writes fiction and non-fiction about queer, performs, and often collaborates. His work has been published in Girls Like Us, he co-edited Midpoint (Théophile's Papers, 2016), and wrote two books Merman (2017) and Retrospective (2014), published by Shelter Press. He is also co-curator of Buenos Tiempos, Int. Together with artist Marnie Slater.

Steev Lemercier performs with Daniel Lagardère, with the Lala by's, solo and in other compositions. He also released the albums Anachron, Real Fiction, Charivari, An Other Time and Merman Tales. Now he is working on a music project #deep #dark #web.

The performance takes place in the context of the exhibition Among other things, I've taken up smoking.
English spoken, 40 min.