Photo: Janine Schrijver


18/11/2021 — 01/03/2022

Maastunnel: (Be) look it up

Thursday 18 November opened (Screw you, a project by photographer Janine Schrijver and professor Tineke Abma in the Maastunnel. After five years of participatory action research in Charlois, in which they examined the health of the neighborhood with children in the role of researchers, in this exhibition they reflect on their own personal and social prejudices.

Art and science are connected in a visual essay that deals with the complex relationship between looking and being watched, seeing and being seen. A selection of 40 works can be seen in the lists along the escalators.

(Screw you can be visited until March 1, 2022.

Changing exhibitions
After the renovation of the Maastunnel for cyclists and pedestrians, 40 new photo frames were placed along the escalators of the Maastunnel. Together they form a permanent exhibition. The exhibition changes three times a year. One of them consists of the historical images of the Maastunnel and photos of the renovation and restoration. The other two are different every year.