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Listening Sessions: Off Shore

Until July 4, 2021 Further than Hip-Hop on display in TENT, a project by Lavinia Xausa in collaboration with the Rotterdam spoken word artists and Neusa Gomes, Kevin Josias, Adeiye Tjon and Rik Zutphen. They wrote the texts that they recite in the film as a result of their conversations about the super diverse character of Rotterdam, the Dutch colonial history and how it continues to play out in Rotterdam communities to this day.

In addition, they jointly made the album Off-Shore, to which other artists also contributed. Off-Shore can be heard on Saturday 26 June in the Auditorium of TENT. The listening sessions are divided into two time slots. The first starts at 18:00 PM and the second starts at 19:00 PM in the auditorium in TENT. Reservations are required, book your time slot by sending an email with your name to

Joined Narratives
It's Further Than Hip Hop is part of Joined Narratives, three solo presentations of film works by Katarina Jazbec, Lavinia Xausa and Heidi Vogels, curated by Mariska van den Berg.

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