In the educational program Let yourself be heard pupils from grades 7 and 8 of primary education investigate the area where language and art meet. The program is an initiative of TENT in collaboration with artist Chantal van Heeswijk and links up with the exhibition What else I wanted to tell you. To conclude his urban poetry, Dean Bowen and curator Rianne Zijderveld are initiating an exhibition project at TENT about the social impact of language and the language of the city.

During the tour, the students are guided through the exhibition in two groups. Under the guidance of an art mediator, the students receive explanations for various works, stimulating questions are raised and assignments are devised by artist Chantal van Heeswijk. These assignments form a bridge between the student and the work shown, so that a dialogue between the two can develop in a playful way. During the program, under the direction of Chantal van Heeswijk, the students themselves will put themselves in the shoes of the city poet and thus, with inspiration from the city, make a poem.

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Made possible thanks to support from the Kickstart Culture Fund.