Gerard Héman, Entrance relief at the building of the former Rotterdam Bank Association, 1948, photo Jannes Linders



Friday Art Walk: past the works of Gérard Héman

Walk with us again on Friday, June 21 Friday Art Walk! This time the works of art by visual artist Gérard Héman (1914-1992) are central to the tour. You will unknowingly know the work of Héman, who has built up a versatile oeuvre with many influences from German Baroque folk art. Several of his works of art have been realized in the public space of Rotterdam, including the well-known one facade ornaments (1948) on the former bank building on the Coolsingel. It was last year The Rotterdam draft horse (1991) relocated to the Nassauhaven Park in South Rotterdam. We thought this was a great opportunity to focus on a selection of works by Héman during this free art walk on Friday, June 21, with special guest art historian and Héman expert Hans Rombouts.

While walking, our art guide Anne-Marie Ros will let you look at and marvel at facade, entrance and roof reliefs, madonnas, a long lost stair ornament in the former library and three fish in the water. We get to know the versatile artist through Gérard Héman's work. The walk takes us to surprising places in the city, from pre-war to reconstruction architecture, along canals and canals. Interested parties can visit with Anne-Marie Ros after the walk The Rotterdam draft horse (transport via public transport and at your own expense).

Date Friday June 21
Time 10.45-13.00 hours
Language Dutch
Participation free (consumptions for own account)
Assembly point
 on the square in front of the City Church Het Steiger, Hang 18
Register There is limited space, so register quickly via tours@artindexrotterdam.nlso that we can count on your arrival