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Discussion afternoon


The artist: from campaigner to technologist

Time: 15: 00 - 18: 00 hours

In response to the new publication on the Research & Development scheme, CBK Rotterdam is organizing a discussion afternoon about the role of the visual artist today. Under the direction of Nicole Sciarone, artists Josephine Baan, Manetta Berends, Ine Lamers, Gerwin Luijendijk and Tim Leyendekker will discuss the way in which they determine their position and context. Do they present themselves as campaigners or as an image-maker, as a historian or as a technologist? Art theorist Janneke Wesseling and philosopher Henk Oosterling will also contribute to this discussion afternoon. With a performance by the Hart-Koor van RoosWiesBlauw.

14: 30 hours: Entry
15: 00 hour: Introduction
15: 45 hour: Performance of the Hart-Koor
16: 00 hour: Discussion
17: 15 hour: Drinks
18: 00 hour: End

The new R&D publication describes four years of artistic research by more than 160 artists on the basis of different professional views: the artist as an activist, connector, translator, newsreader, historian, scientist, technologist and image maker. Philosopher Henk Oosterling and art theorist Janneke Wesseling contributed to this publication.

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Language: Dutch