Investment contribution: Antoinet Deurloo is a resident of Trompenburg

Every summer an artist stays in the gardens of Trompenburg. From 1 in May to 30 in September 2018 attacks Antoinet Deurloo. As an artist in residence, she works on 2018 on her art project between May and September From a different perspective. A retrospective exhibition with her newly created works will open on September 9. These can be drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations or interventions.

During her work period she looks for differences in the experience of nature between people with a Western (European) and Eastern (East Asian) origin. Through conversations with invited guests and visitors, she wants to collect a number of ideas that will serve as a source of inspiration when creating new works. Hereby she also likes to be inspired by unexpected magical moments and the poetic beauty of the exotic trees and plants that Trompenburg offers.

The residence of Antoinet Deurloo in Trompenburg is made possible in part by Stichting Volkskracht and an investment contribution from CBK Rotterdam.