Amenti MoveMeant during Museum Night010 in TENT. photo: Aad Hoogendoorn



In sense w / Amenti MoveMeant

Amenti MoveMeant is currently exhibiting The power of Ritual in TENT. A ritual with five components that correspond to our senses, namely: Agua de Florida to touch, Palo Santo to smell, sage tea to taste, a singing bowl to listen and a blindfold to not see anything and so on another way to experience. After you have gone through these ritual steps, you may step silently through a curtain to experience what you find in that space and in yourself. You can experience the work during the regular opening hours of TENT. This is not part of the additional workshops offered. There is one every day from 13.00 p.m. gatekeeper present who guides you through the ritual as a professional. On 10 and 17 March.
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