22/12/2012 — 06/01/2013

Hot Chocolate Artist Tours

Come to TENT with your friends or family during the Christmas holidays for a special tour of famous Rotterdam artists. They highlight in their own way the work of the Dolf Henkes Prize nominees and the collection of Alexander Ramselaar while enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. Fun for young and old!

Sat 22.12.2012, 14.00 h / h: Gyz La Rivière
Sat Sat 29.12.2012, 14.00 h / h: Daan Samson
Fri 04.01.2013, 14.00 h / h: Charlotte Schleiffert and Jeroen Kuster as Charles and Joe Kisser
So 06.01.2013, 14.00 h / h: Hidde van Schie

The tour is free, visitors only pay admission to TENT (discounts apply)
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