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City Archives Collection


Tour: 29 / 07 / 2016
Location: Coolsingel, Rotterdam

De Coolsingel: the (disappeared) history of Rotterdam in 1000 meters of street, art and ornaments

From March to September Sculpture International Rotterdam offers a guided tour of the Coolsingel on Friday afternoons and Sunday afternoons with architecture and art guide Marly Weemen (Friday) or with the city announcer, artist, postman Wim Konings (Sunday). Konings is the man who has been saying weekly "For many years every week," It's never too late to say sorry! across the Coolsingel. Central to this walk is this city boulevard from Hofplein to the river, an 1000 meter-long avenue full of monuments, artworks and ornaments. The avenue gives a fascinating picture of the (disappeared) history of Rotterdam where the many works of art and ornaments on the buildings form a common thread. Reconstruction art (with the Gabo and Zadkine as top pieces), architecture and dozens of ornaments. The Coolsingel tour shows the past, present and the ever-uncertain future of this boulevard in 1,5 hours. The tour covers the imagination of this unique (but worn out) boulevard as a monument and is part of Tribute to an Avenue, the program of SIR for the Coolsingel.

Sunday 10 July, 24 July and 7 August at 15.00 hour with Wim Konings
Start on Weena, at work the Destroyed City from Ossip Zadkine.
Register: coolsingeltour@gmail.com. State in the e-mail the desired date and the number of people

Friday 1 July, 15 July, 29 July at 17.15 hour with Marly Weemen
Start at Hofplein / Weena: at the statues of Willem de Kooning
Register: marly@timelessrotterdam.com. State in the e-mail the desired date and the number of people.
For more information or last-minute changes (for example in bad weather) we refer you to the facebook page of InSpace Rotterdam.

The personal contribution for the participants is € 5, - per participant, to be paid in cash before commencement (please pay appropriately). The maximum number of participants per tour is 12.

Monsieur Jacques, Oswald, Wenkebach, photo: Jannes Linders

Monsieur Jacques, Oswald, Wenkebach, photo: Jannes Linders

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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

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