Vesta Kroese, HERE / THERE, 2011-2016. Photo: South side Maas tunnel, Christian van der Kooy.


14/01/2017 — 23/04/2017

HERE / THERE in the Kunsthal

On February 14, 2017, the Maas Tunnel celebrates exactly 75 year. On the occasion of the 75 anniversary of Our tunnel in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, the Kunsthal Rotterdam is devoting an exhibition to the oldest traffic tunnel in the Netherlands. The artwork also has a special role to play in the exhibition HERE AND THERE, that artist Vesta Kroese realized in 2011.

The neon artwork HERE AND THERE Vesta Kroese was located from 2011 to 2016 on the ventilation buildings of the Maas Tunnel on both banks of the Maas. On each side, the neon work switches back and forth in irregular alternation between the words 'HERE' and 'THERE'. Kroese made her work for CBK Rotterdam.

She said about her work: “'The two identical ventilation buildings of the Maastunnel are theatrical and stately opposite each other, as if they are in a deep conversation and at the same time keep watch. In the evening, however, they completely disappear into the dark. Because of the letter work HERE AND THERE the buildings are illuminated in the evenings and the dialogue between the two banks is enhanced. ” “Every day we make the choice where we go and want to be. Then there is the question of whether we manage to actually be mentally present with our attention where we decide to be. In addition to this personal mental and physical dilemma, the work can also be read at city level related to themes such as identity, connectedness and equality. ”

The neon work can be seen in the exhibition from 14 January to 23 April 2017 Our Tunnel in De Kunsthal. After that, the work will be given a new place on the banks of the Maas. The video registration that was produced about this work especially for the exhibition (by Vesta Kroese and Christian van der Kooy) was made possible with financial contributions from Stroom Den Haag and CBK Rotterdam.

HERE AND THERE (2011 - 2016) was an initiative of Project Group Noord / Zuid, St. Downtownberaad, St. Kick, CBK Rotterdam and Pact op Zuid. Design: Vesta Kroese. Execution: Qneon. The project was made possible in part with financial contributions from: Deltafonds, St. Volkskracht, St. Kick, Charlois District, Centrum District, City Ports Rotterdam, Art and Culture Department, CBK Rotterdam and Pact op Zuid.