Film Lecture / debate performance

30/04/2021 — 14/05/2021

Have I Become Her Stories?

Can be seen online as a video for two weeks: 'Have I Become Her Stories?', a performance lecture by Gayatri Kodikal. Immerse yourself in the world behind 'The Traveling Hand', Kodikal's recent game installation in TENT.

This project revolves around the Georgian queen Ketevan, who was killed as a martyr in Persia in the 17th century. The recent find of her severed hand near a church ruin in the mangrove forest of Goa was the starting point for Kodikal's artistic research. She developed a board game and a game installation in which the queen's hand turns out to be an entrance to a mangrove-like labyrinth of stories and speculative perspectives on 400 years of geopolitical history.

In the performance lecture 'Have I Become Her Stories?' Kodikal takes you into a dream of the Queen, exploring the meta-narrative of her game world and the many intersecting paths within it. The more the artist tells about her research and the encounters during that process, the more she seems to become intertwined with the stories she reveals through her work. Queen Ketevan becomes an obsession that continues to haunt her.

Watch the video here.