20/06/2017 — 28/08/2017
Carpentry house

Exhibition in the GRENZHAUS

Date: Wednesday June 21 - August 28 2017
Location: In the entrance of the Timmerhuis

The GRENZHAUS is a modular meeting space by the German architect Benedict Esche. On World Refugee Day it was out in the open all day; The GRENZHAUS can now be visited at the entrance of the Timmerhuis (Rodezand). The GRENZHAUS offers space for an exhibition with work by Peter Koole, Harry Man, Stacii Samidin, Jonas Staal and Veldwerk.

The artists offer the viewer various perspectives on the universal search for happiness, the strange and the individual and the meaning of 'home' and 'arrival'. You can also visit the Counter for Essential Questions of Lieke van Pruijssen and Bieke Versloot (Fieldwork). The exhibition is curated by CBK Rotterdam and Museum Rotterdam. The opening of GRENZHAUS takes place in the context of a festival that Pauluskerk and Theater Rotterdam are jointly organizing on the occasion of World Refugee Day. On this day it was remembered that millions of people worldwide are still fleeing.

During his residency at the Goethe-Institut, the German architect Benedict Esche investigated places where refugees and Dutch people come together. He wondered whether architectural space stimulates or excludes our social encounter? He visited the neighborhood café at the AZC Beverwaard and the Pauluskerk and walked through the city with refugees. With his installation GRENZHAUS he creates a new space in the city, where a new common language can arise.

World Refugee Day
The GRENZHAUS was first built in public space on World Refugee Day 2017; there Veldwerk started a conversation with passers-by in their Counter for Essential Questions. The modular space will remain in the Timmerhuis entrance for a few weeks after 20 June, next to Museum Rotterdam and will then travel through Europe.

This project is a collaboration between Museum Rotterdam, Pauluskerk, Theater Rotterdam, the Goethe Institut and CBK Rotterdam.