Friday Night Art Walk

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On September 4 you can again join the Friday Night Art Walk, this time accompanied by Special guest Xandra Nibbeling. Nibbeling is head of communication at CBK Rotterdam and as an art professional she knows the ins and outs. This evening she not only shares her fascination for the selected works of art that you encounter along the way, but also sheds a glimpse of the projects that are in the pipeline. Expect a varied 1,5-hour art walk, towards the Maas and via south back to the heart of the Art Evening XL. Along the way, we will consider a fine selection of public art and surprising elements in the public domain.

The walk starts and ends at TENT. at 50 Witte de Withstraat.

Day: Friday September 4 2020
Start: 19:15
Start punctually: 19:30
Stops: 21:00 PM
Language: Dutch


Participation is limited to 10 people, prior registration is required. Email Erika and also include your mobile phone number (we will confirm your registration).
This time there is no joint drink afterwards and unfortunately people cannot just join.

The RIVM guidelines: we keep a distance of 1,5 meters and give each other space along the way. In Rotterdam it is no longer mandatory to wear masks - but feel free to wear them in a busier place as a precaution.

Do you, or anyone in your household, have flu-like symptoms, a cold, or a raise - stay home.

The Friday Night Art Walk is a collaboration between Art Index Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam during Kunstblock / Kunstavond. Art guide Anne-Marie Ros develops a unique route together with the guest. During the walk, the guide creates a platform for her special side kick in dialogue.