Festive unveiling of a sculpture by Madelon Hooykaas in Nesselande

The artwork will be presented on Tuesday, May 21 at 17.30:XNUMX PM View of wind festively unveiled by Culture Councilor Said Kasmi. The sculpture by visual artist Madelon Hooykaas forms a figurehead for the extreme point of Nesselande beach, sloping over the water at the head of the recently completed Noorderstrand district on Kretalaan. The realization of the work took a long period and many procedures. BKOR is pleased that View of wind a sculpture by the acclaimed artist Madelon Hooykaas has been added to the Rotterdam Sculpture Collection.

About the artwork

Madelon Hooykaas has View of wind specially designed for the Zevenhuizerplas in Nesselande. The project emerged from an arts plan led by BKOR and commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam, following the redevelopment in the 1990s and the percentage scheme applicable at the time. The area consisted of swampy peat from the Middle Ages. Peat extraction and peat extraction created large lakes surrounded by polders, after which the development of the Vinex district of Nesselande began in the 1990s. When Hooykaas was commissioned in 1945 with visual artist Elsa Stansfield (2004-2000), the construction of Nesselande had only just started - hardly anyone lived there yet.

With View of wind Hooykaas refers to the fact that Nesselande is 5,5 meters below sea level. This makes it one of the lowest places in the Netherlands. The artist wanted the future residents of Nesselande to be aware of this. That is why the blue light ring indicates the Normal Amsterdam Level. Even though the water goes up and down, the NAP remains the same. As the title suggests, Hooykaas also tries to make the wind visible in this artwork. The stainless steel foundation is connected to the water and refers to the NAP that is fixed. But unlike that solid base, the weather vane is always in motion. In the evening the weather vane glows thanks to the yellow-green phosphorescent paint.

About the artist

Madelon Hooykaas (1942), raised in Rotterdam, has developed a comprehensive artistic approach since the 1972s with regard to her art and research into photography, film, installation and video, interactive and performance art and art in public space. Her work contains recurring themes such as physical and human landscapes, water and light, memory and presence, loss and abstraction, and minimalism and formalism. Between 2004 and 1945, Hooykaas worked with Elsa Stansfield (Glasgow, 2004 – Amsterdam, 2023) as the Stansfield/Hooykaas partnership. Their work is included in collections including Tate, London; MoMA, New York, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Bonnefanten, Maastricht. The monograph was published in XNUMX The Artist as Explorer about Madelon Hooykaas at publisher Jap Sam Books.


The program starts at 17.30:XNUMX PM with a speech by Culture Councilor Said Kasmi. Sandra Smets (art historian) gives an essay about the artwork and public art of Rotterdam. Presenter Guus Bok will talk to artist Madelon Hooykaas, Arjen Knoester (urban planning municipality of Rotterdam) and Marjolijn van der Meijden (project leader BKOR). Afterwards, a sound piece specially created for this work will be performed by sound artist Roel Meelkop. The unveiling will be followed by a festive toast to the new work of art with a tasty snack.

Location: the northernmost point of the boulevard in Nesselande on the beach. The location can also be reached via Kretalaan.

This project was made possible by the Municipality of Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam, Visual Arts & Public Space (BKOR) program.