Gabosingers: Cars on an A.

Hotel Modern and Arthur Sauer perform CARS ON AN A
Friday 16 September 2016, 17:30 - 18:30 PM
Location: At the Gabo, Coolsingel

Hotel Modern and Arthur Sauer perform the absurd-futuristic act twice on Friday 16 September Cars on an A. at the sculpture by Naum Gabo in front of the Bijenkorf, to draw attention to the 26 meter high world-famous, but heavily neglected image from 1957.

Pauline Kalker recites the poem with a voice like a roller coaster Cars on an A.. It is a spectacular ode to the technology, variety and naming of cars. Sculptural explosions, scraping sonorities, phenomeno-acoustic explorations, clanging metals and pounding skins will be part of an ode to Constructivism. With his battery of percussion instruments, composer Arthur Sauer will investigate whether he can match Gabo's weightlessness.