Cindy Bakker - cafeteria // graduation show, akv st joost den bosch, 2018


31/03/2021 — 07/05/2021
The archive

Exhibition Cindy Bakker in Het Archief

From March 31 to May 7, Het Archief will be exhibiting work by Cindy Bakker. This exhibition will be on view in the 30 meter long window of Het Archief, which was used for shows at the time of Covid-19, so that they can be seen from the outside.

Cindy Bakker's work is ideally suited for this form of exhibiting, because it is characteristic of building bridges between inside and outside. In her work, banal objects are stripped of their function. Bakker: “Playing with scale or abstracting shapes and colors creates visual discomfort for the viewer. The works I make are in the way and you cannot ignore them - they rub against the irritating ”.

The archive

The Archives is the new cultural breeding ground of Skar studios, located in Middelland. Together with the Root Foundation, this former archive of the municipality of Rotterdam is being developed into a place with endless possibilities for creativity. Besides being a place for artists and exhibitions, it also houses studios, offices for the cultural sector, and spaces for lectures and small-scale events. It is therefore a location where maker and market meet. During 2021 and 2022, various forms of exhibitions and programs will be researched and developed at this location, whereby maker and market meet.

Location: The Archives - Robert Fruinstraat 52, 3021 XE, Rotterdam.