15/05/2019 — 26/05/2019
Hilton Hotels

Expo Maas lace drawings

In 2018, the Rotterdam City Archives and CBK Rotterdam invited ten Rotterdam artists to give their impression of one of the many buildings in the city by the architect Hugh Maaskant. With this, the City Archives and CBK Rotterdam restore an old tradition of urban artists. In the first decades of Rotterdam's reconstruction, many artists were already involved in documenting the changes in the city. Rotterdam was the ideal source of inspiration in that regard. The 10 Maaskant drawings were already on view in the Kunsthal for a short time in 2018. Georg Bohle, Ronald Cornelissen, Inge Aanstoot, Nazif Lopulissa, Pim Palsgraaf, Sandro Setola, Sandim Mendes, Marcha van den Hurk, Marcel Swint and Eveline Visser designed various Maaskant buildings. In addition to the recognisability of the building, the drawing also had to give space to the artists' own artistic interpretation.

A second exhibition was specially set up for the 2019 Construction Day in the Upper Lobby of the Hilton Hotel. The exhibition starts on Wednesday 15 May and is freely accessible. And extra nice to it Hilton Hotels view from the inside!

The exhibition ends on Sunday 26 May 14.00 hour with a Lecture On Location by Paul Groenendijk and the theater performance 'Grew up in Rotterdam'with former doorman Barry Kwist of the hotel. Reservations for this lecture and performance can be made by sending an email to events@wederopbouwrotterdam.nl.

The drawings will then be included in the Rotterdam City Archives collection and for the time being they can only be viewed via the image bank on the City Archives website.

Further information about Assembly Day 2019 can be found via https://wederopbouwrotterdam.nl/opbouwdag/.