28/09/2018 — 02/12/2018

Who Do You Think You Are? Events curated by Sabrina Starke

In collaboration with writer Christine Otten and organizations Concrete Blossom, Music Matters, HipHopHuis Rotterdam and Right About Now INC., Sabrina Starke is programming a series of five inspiring events.

Check all the events in the public program at this exhibition here. 

These events focus on music, literature, dance and recital. An excellent opportunity to get to know and understand the traditions and cultures of different ethnic groups. Meetings, theatrical jam sessions and dance battles, but also storytelling and songwriting sessions are discussed. The next generation of creatives is invited to experience how other artists draw inspiration from the different backgrounds and cultures that are part of them.

Sabrina Starke is personally involved in every event and always ends with an acoustic performance. There is also a wide range for young people. She organizes a children's concert especially for children between the 5-11 year. For primary education, TENT is developing a performance workshop on identity in collaboration with Gery Mendes. For students of the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague and the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, TENT is developing an in-depth route, based on the themes of the exhibition.