16/01/2015 — 08/02/2015
22 Coolsingel, Rotterdam

Tribute to an Avenue 2015

Short films from artists on the Coolsingel

Artist films and Coolsingel interact
With the exhibition Tribute to an Avenue Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) once again declares its love for Coolsingel in Rotterdam. Just like last year, SIR transforms the city's most famous avenue into a modest open-air cinema.
Anyone who walks through the dark in the dark between 16 January and 8 February 2015 will be stimulated along the way by short films by famous artists on the facades and windows. With this temporary outdoor exhibition, SIR explores a possible other reality for the Coolsingel.

Participating artists
Yael Bartana (IS), Eglé Budvytyté (LT), Andrea Fraser (USA), Jesper Just (DK), Jørgen Leth (DK), Sarah Morris (USA), Emma van der Put (NL), Julika Rudelius (DE), Javier Téllez (VEN).

In total 9 short films are shown on the Coolsingel. Sometimes striking in sight, calling for the attention of the casual passer-by. Sometimes set up a little more covert, so that curious people have to look for it a little, and thus view the Coolsingel in a different way. The films start when the sun goes down and can be watched until dawn.

Locations and films
The films and locations are chosen in such a way that they enter into a special interaction with the boulevard. In Kings of the Hill from Israeli Yael Bartana you can see growling four-wheel drives; although the film was made in an outside area near Tel Aviv, the traffic and the machismo in the film are a direct association with the Coolsingel. No man is an Island from the Danish Jesper Just shows a square in Copenhagen, on which a middle-aged man makes some ballet-like steps to waltz music, while a young man watches crying and children start dancing along. No better place to show this film than the intimate square at the Poppenkast. And the scene of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger from a Jorgen Leth film is surrounded by no fewer than three McDonalds on Coolsingel.

No matter how diverse the films are, shown in the somewhat worn-out public space of the Coolsingel, they raise questions about where the viewer stands: what or who makes Coolsingel what he is and what role does the audience play in this?

Visitors can view the artworks on their own every day between sunset and sunrise for three weeks. Along the way, they come across the permanent works from the SIR collection in addition to the films. As Cascade (Joep van Lieshout), the Naum Gabo, the ensemble of Willem de Kooning and It's Never Too Late To Say Sorry (Elmgreen & Dragset).

Events and tours

Opening Tribute to an Avenue
Friday 16 January 2015, 17: 45 hour
The Rotterdam visual artist Gyz La Rivière and alderman (Finance, City Center, Culture and Sport) Adriaan Visser open the exhibition at the projection of Javier Téllez. The opening is followed by the New Year's reception from the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam, at Coolsingel 83 (InConcept).

Friday Night Film Tour
Friday 23 and 30 January and 6 February 2015, from 17: 30 hour
View, discuss and question this year's films with a special Guide to Tribute on an Avenue. At the end of the tour there is mulled wine.
Collection and end point: InConcept, Coolsingel 83.
Register via

Sunday tour: the Coolsingel as a Monument
Sunday 18 and 25 January and 1 and 8 February. Start: 14: 00 hour
A tour of the masterpieces of the SIR collection, the extraordinary architecture and the hundreds of ornaments on the Coolsingel.
Collection and end point: InConcept, Coolsingel 83.
Register via

Film and Book: It's Never Too Late to Say Sorry
This film, which Marieke van der Lippe made for the SIR on the artwork on the Coolsingel in the SIR collection (It's Never Too Late To Say Sorry by Elmgreen & Dragset) will premiere on Monday 26 January 2015 as the official selection of the IFFR.
This is also the book presentation of the book about this work, 366 reports from a performer, written by Wim Konings and designed by Simon Davies. An event with film, a reading from the book and conversations with the many people involved.
Monday 26 January, Tickets via

Final Party Tour with SIR's Wijsje
Saturday 7 February. Start: 19: 30 hour
With the films of Eerbetoon on an Avenue as a common thread, Wijsje makes an above and below ground tour of the Coolsingel and you experience acoustic concerts in a special setting.

Tribute to an Avenue 2014

Tribute to an Avenue is initiated and compiled by Sculpture International Rotterdam, in collaboration with many entrepreneurs, Bureau Binnenstad and Stadsontwikkeling. SIR manages an international image collection that is located on the urban lines of the city and is a program of the CBK Rotterdam.