The Netherlands, Rotterdam, October 2013 Historical Delfshaven in Rotterdam photo: Gerhard van Roon / Hollandse Hoogte

Round table discussion

Goethe Institute

Die Stadt von außen

Round table discussion with Ernest van der Kwast
Former artists and architects-in-residence of the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam leave it in the exhibition Die Stadt von außen see their vision of the port city. 'Wild sites' and 'ghosts', polka dots, an alternative city map, a cow, and much more: the German artists and architects got to know Rotterdam in the most diverse way during their stay and celebrated with installations, drawings and video works the diversity of the city.

The Rotterdam writer and journalist Ernest van der Kwast goes with the participants Juliane Schmidt, Antje Seeger en Su-Ran Sichling (visual artists, Dresden), Inge Paessen (urban planner, Cologne) and Thomas Rustemeyer (architect, Karlsruhe) in conversation.

Saturday 7 May 2016, 17.00 hour

Until 2 June, the participants present their versatile and highly subjective view of the city from outside. With the help of very diverse artistic means - including video works and installations, but also an alternative city map of Rotterdam - they have dealt with the deep impression that the city has left on them.

7 May to 2 June at the Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, Rotterdam
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