Debate night 2016: Help, we are popular!

Rotterdam has a typical urban culture that we see reflected in the art, culture and architecture that the city has produced: avant-garde, DIY, modernist, spatial and experimental. But Rotterdam is no longer just that raw, bare, robust, inhospitable city from the reconstruction. Has the old town been swept off the table or is there any false romance to the past? How should we relate to these changes?

On Friday December 9 these and other questions will be discussed in the Debate Night in Arminius. In a debate at 23 p.m. in the Bovenzaal, CBK Rotterdam, together with Vers Beton, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Chabot Museum, will reflect on Rotterdam as an ever-rapidly changing city. The talk show is led by Geert Maarse.

23: 00 hours
The city through the photographer's lens (CBK Rotterdam)
How has the city changed for photographers now that it is more slick and full of buildings here? Or is that not so bad? What does the Rotterdam street photographer do with this and is there such a thing as Rotterdam street photography? With photographers Stacii Samidin and Frank Hanswijk.

Debate night 2016 is organized by Vers Beton, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Chabot Museum and CBK Rotterdam. Tickets can be purchased through the website of Arminius. For more info and a block schedule, go to