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debate on the 'Stultitia II' (on sailing folly)

Event: 12 / 07 / 2016
Location: Leuvehaven

Special art project in the Erasmus year stimulates debate about living together

Expected Friday 8 July the floating 'folly' arrives Stultitia (Foolishness) II in Rotterdam. The water trip from the platform with the artwork about Erasmus is a project by the Swiss visual artist-architect Florian Graf (1980). The follicle left Basel on Friday 1 July and sinks down the Rhine to Rotterdam. In both cities the vessel offers room for debates about 'living together in the 21th century'.

On Tuesday evening 12 July the debate in Rotterdam will take place at the Stultitia II. Participants are rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, pastor Bert Kuipers, philosopher Liesbeth Levy and Erasmus expert Leo Molenaar.

The journey of the Stultitia II connects the two Erasmus cities of Rotterdam and Basel. Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus was born 550 years ago in Rotterdam and died on July 12 1536 in Basel, where he was buried in the Munsterkerk. Exactly 500 years ago, his Latin translation of the New Testament, which he himself has always considered his most important work, appeared. This special Erasmus year is celebrated in Rotterdam and Bazel.

Humanum Est
Tolerance, education, courtesy and faith are important themes in the work of the Rotterdam humanist. The debates in Rotterdam and Basel discuss the value of his ideas for today's society. What can we do with it in discussions about Europe, refugees, immigration, life in the big city and religious experience? This will be debated on Tuesday 12 July: Awraham Soetendorp, rabbi; Bert Kuipers, pastor at the Grote or Sint Laurenskerk; Liesbeth Levy, philosopher and director of LOKAAL, center for democracy; and Leo Molenaar, publicist and board member of the House of Erasmus. The debate is led by Geert Maarse, known from Studio Erasmus and others. In Basel, the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, participated in the debate. (the recordings can be seen on YouTube)

The debate Humanum Est takes place on Tuesday 12 July at 19.30 hour aboard the Stultitia II, which is moored in the harbor of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, Leuvehaven 1, Rotterdam. The public can follow the debate from the jetty and the quay. Entrance is free.

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