16 Wilhelminapier

The load carrier

The image will be on Thursday 13 November the Load Carrier van Han Rehm again revealed. The artwork is a replica of the original and was donated by Steinweg.

The load carrier was unveiled on September 2 by Mayor Pieter Oud. The statue was on the facade of the rebuilt warehouse The Firstfruits at the Rijnhaven from Pakhuismeesteren (which was later taken over by Steinweg). It concerned a symbol for the completion of the reconstruction of the tank installation at Eerste Petroleumhaven, the completion of the Celebes, Borneo and Sumatra warehouses on the Wilhelminakade and the renovation of the The Firstfruits - all owned by the Pakhuismeesteren company.

A poem was engraved on the base, written by the oldest partner HGJ de Monchy:

What was wasted in vain,
dfor the cowardly violence,
Is up to deez 'last stone,
et gode's help restored. ”

As part of the Kop van Zuid renovation project The Firstfruits demolished. The load carrier However, this was spared and took place on the Waalhaven ZZ industrial estate next to the Steinweg entrance on Parmentierplein.

Several initiatives have called for a return of the Load Carrier to its old surroundings, and on November 13 the image of this dock worker with a large burden on his shoulders returns to the Van der Vormplein on the Wilhelminapier.

Program unveiling November 13
The load carrier is revealed by Mayor Aboutaleb. Prior to this, Mr. Boll, CEO of Steinweg, discuss the history of the image, the relationship with Steinweg and its significance for the company and employees.

between 14: 00 and 15: 30 hour at the Wilhelminapier, Rotterdam