The Art Evening Radio

Art Evening Radio starts on April 30, every Friday at 21 pm! 

The 6 Kunstblock institutions in the art quarter of Rotterdam host the show. Including artists, curators and participants from the contemporary art and culture world! 

Tune in, every Friday evening via Radio WORM and this page!

Kunstblock is the name of the collaborating art institutions in the Kunstkwartier of Rotterdam: CBK RotterdamBREASTTENT RotterdamV2_Art Institute Melly en WORM.

Every Friday at 21 pm on Radio WORM


Friday April 30, 21 pm:

CBK Rotterdam presents the series The Dreamed City. In it, Rotterdam artists sit down to talk about their favorite work in the city, the relationship to their own work and they are also asked about their dreams and desires for the city.

WORM presents Episode 1: Not really about something but merely in and around, with a sound artwork by the Rotterdam art collective WoodstoneKugelblitz.