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MAMA showroom

The Third Tuesday

The traveling live show about Rotterdam art and culture

Presentation: Anna Visser

Where should you go next month? Cultural talk show The Third Tuesday gives a high speed update in an hour and a half with short interviews, performances, film reviews, theater scenes and live music. The Third Tuesday is a guest each month at a different cultural 'hotspot'.

Each edition there is one special guest; talented makers, artists or opinion leaders who set things in motion in Rotterdam. You can win free tickets with the monthly quiz. Visit www.dederdednesday.nl of www.facebook.com/dederded Tuesday for the latest updates of the program. This time De Derde D Tuesday is a guest at Showroom MAMA.

Tuesday December 15 we are guests in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Krijn Boon Studio), our special guest is Kees Moeliker. Moeliker (Rotterdam, 9 October 1960) is a Dutch biologist. From 1989 he is connected to the Natural History Museum Rotterdam where he is director is, and won the Ig Nobel Prize in 2003. Moeliker regularly publishes in NRC Handelsblad and The Guardian. He also works on various radio programs.

Your donation is the entrance - Pay as you please!

The Third Tuesday is an initiative of Kunstblock (Showroom MAMA, TENT, CBK Rotterdam, V2_, Witte de With, WORM) and Productiehuis Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Dansateliers and de Doelen.