Willem de Kooning Akademie (entrance Wijnhaven)

Curious Autonomy

What does it mean to set up an artistic research practice, and how do you ensure that it can develop in a sustainable way? Which partners do you involve in your research? How do you ensure correct visibility? Which financing models are possible? An artistic investigation starts with asking yourself the right questions.

The Willem de Kooning Academy and CBK Rotterdam are organizing a meeting in which artists speak who have worked on a research project in the past year. They question their own practice and the world around them from different perspectives. They present their research in a number of concentrated, short sessions: the results, but also what went well and what went wrong. In conversations, the artists respond to questions and share their experiences.

Curious Autonomy is a collaboration between WdKA Autonomous Practices & CBK Rotterdam Art Office. CBK Rotterdam supports research projects of artists through the Research and Development Scheme. Petra Laaper of CBK Rotterdam Art Office will explain this scheme.

17349675_202414646824839_117353594416895412_oThe artists participating in this edition are:
Gil & Moti, Pages, Tim Leyendekker, Sandim Mendes, Rnul, Rooswiesblauw

Tuesday March 21 | 16.00 - 19.00 PM