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Old Binnenweg TENT

Silent walk with special guest Wilbert Plijnaar (FULLY BOOKED)


Comic (f) Listen audio tour
on Friday evening 15 November

Following the silent disc (known from, among others, festival De Parade) Art Index Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam organize one on Friday 15 November silent walk. 40 headphones are ready for the walkers. Everyone who walks along the comic paintings on the Oude Binnenweg hears that evening, among other things, the voice of Wilbert Plijnaar through the speakers of his or her headphones.

Illustrator, cartoonist and screenwriter Wilbert Plijnaar is the side kick during this walk on this Friday evening; the Comic (f) Listen audio tour.

Plijnaar started his career as a draftsman and writer for the weekly magazine Donald Duck. Halfway through the '70 he moved to comic magazine Eppo and he co-authored comics such as Sjors and Sjimmie en Claire. The creative centipede also made comics such as Koen Kalkoen, devised concepts for other comic artists and guided young talent. Since 1995 he has worked in Los Angeles for the studios of Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks, among others. He has collaborated on numerous successful cinema films, including Despicable Me, The Lorax, How to Train Your Dragon, Planet 51, Over the Hedge, Jimmy Neutron, Osmosis Jones and the first three Ice Age movies.

In November Plijnaar comes back to his home city of Rotterdam at the invitation of Cross Comix. As a contribution to Cross Comix, CBK Rotterdam made the arrival of Plijnaar possible, partly due to the fact that the portrait on the Oude Binnenweg - a portrait of his aunt Rita Reys - has recently been completed by the special lighting of the work .

Together with Anne-Marie Ros van Art Index Rotterdam This evening Plijnaar shows all the works on the jazz route. Due to his many years of experience in the international comic and comic world, his fantasy brings surprising jokes and stories, even while walking. Passers-by will wonder what that group of walkers with headphones do and can also marvel at the many jazz portraits that the Oude Binnenweg has to offer.

Comic (f) Listen audio tour around and on the Oude Binnenweg
Friday 15 November during the Kunstavond XL
Collecting 19: 15 at TENT Rotterdam on Witte de Withstraat

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You can also meet Wilbert Plijnaar in the same week at the Cross Comix Festival:
Saturday November 16 - masterclasses in Donner.
Sunday 17 November - book presentation Wilbert Plijnaar, Rotterdammer in Hollywood! with Peter de Wit in TR Schouwurg




This project has been realized in collaboration with Cross Comix