05/03/2014 — 08/03/2014
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LUCI: City Under Microscope

From 5 to 8 in March LUCI: City Under Microscope place in Rotterdam. LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) is a collaboration between 60 cities worldwide that focuses on lighting urban areas. The municipality of Rotterdam is a member of LUCI and will host this edition of in March City Under Microscope. On the occasion of this, the CBK draws attention to two works in the public space of Rotterdam.

Broken Light back in the spot lights
In 2011, the city of Rotterdam won with the light project Broken Light (Rudolf Teunissen) the second prize in the context of the prestigious LUCI award. On the occasion of City Under Microscope state the project Broken Light in the Atjehstraat in the spotlight. The lighting project is currently undergoing technical maintenance and can be admired again from the LUCI event.

Rudolf Teunissen Studio Hans Wilschut
Broken Light - Rudolf Teunissen Studio Hans Wilschut

Broken Light, 2010
Design: Rudolf Teunissen
Project management: MAX designers
Thanks to: the municipality of Rotterdam and Stichting DSPS
Photo in slider: Vincent van Dordrecht

The Phoenix lit.
In December 2013 got The Phoenix by Hans Ittmann (1966) a new place in the Lloyd Quarter. The statue was originally designed for the Jan Prinsschool on the Blaak, where it had to make way for the construction of the Markthal Rotterdam.
This week a trial is taking place to illuminate the image. In consultation with the residents Workshop LEK tested and explained a number of options.

The Phoenix (1966), Hans Ittman. Photo Max Dereta.
The Phoenix (1966), Hans Ittman. Photo Max Dereta.

In the context of City Under Microscope this lighting plan will be presented within the LUCI Light & Art working group, which focuses on the exchange of knowledge in the field of lighting works of art in public space.
With the new lighting, the iconic value of De Phoenix will be emphasized more strongly.