TENT-x-Tate, London. photo: Judith Vorwerk

Book presentation



During a lively public program with music, film, presentations and workshops, the publication will be held on Saturday 23 March in TENT Where does culture happen? presented.

In this publication, makers from Rotterdam and London provide answers to the question 'Where does culture happen?'.
They shine light on the collective places and moments where the culture that they regard as 'their own' is born, experienced and shared. They describe the living room, the dance floor, the ritual funeral, the evening shop, and the street as places where culture nestles and develops. Others reflect on the question relation to their own practice, and describe how culture is not static in it but shifts, mixes and is reformed. Still others focus on creating collective spaces of being together or, on the contrary, feeling alienated from a dominant culture. More than a common answer to the question "Where does culture happen?" the publication can be seen as a conversation between makers who claim space and make room for sharing and furthering their own cultural practices and those of others, outside or moving through the cultural infrastructure of institutions.
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